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Anxious about future, Don’t Be!

Tell me Anxious about what future beholds?😌

Don’t Be, Yes…. 😏

There’s no point worrying🙄 about the  oblivious 🤗what we should do is not to stress about what future holds for us because with autoimmune disorders you never know when you get a flare up but what you know is that you still have the potential to deal with.😎🙋

Specially for Lupus patients, one never knows how the body will react,

It is you who chooses what and what really matters and you should always stick to it,  no matter what! ✌️

Simple as that you already choose and you already know what you actually want to give a fuck about. 🙃

Yeah we all know that one day we all are going to die and there’s no other way out😜

What we need to understand, it is a fact that we are having a autoimmune disease & having one is not a crime, you need to be comfortable with yourself,  body shaming will not work!

In both cases. I mean even if you get too skinny due to gastroparesis or Lupus or celiac or any other ailment or you get too fat or bloated and it looks obnoxious, still you need to make sure that you are comfortable with yourself there is nothing to hide about.

Rather, you should be proud that you are fighting a hard battle out. You should not worry about what people feel about you what think about your looks or your stand…

If you are working somewhere and there are days when you are not able to give your 100% because of the fatigue levels & pain that you are going through, it does not mean that you have any less of potential, it only means that is it not your day. Don’t get hard on yourself just calm down and give one more go the next day because life doesn’t end in one day.

Always choose to live your life it is beautiful and you are worthy of being happy and you should take decisions about your relationships and career, move beyond pain, get hooked up, marry your love & make the most  of life.

Do not worry about flare ups,  it will come and when; if it has to come it will come😐, if it doesn’t have to happen it won’t happen ever and you will be in remission forever😇

👉Don’t let your disease stop you from taking decisions that make you happy 😃 in life be it about your professional life or your personal life.

💚You have all the rights to say happy and successful in life nothing can stop you from that, if you are determined about it💜


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