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Body Shaming: An Appearance Turbulence!

What is Body Shaming? 🙆

“It is the action or practice of humiliating a person by making mocking or making critical comments about their body shape or size.”

Body  shaming: Is it necessary? 🙅

NO! ✖️

Not at all! 

We are all different & that makes us unique💟.  “Having preset notion is not a crime but one should not lay it on others.”  

Body shaming is a result of nature humans have developed wherein what they think is always how it should be & they are always right, According to them! 🤐



Well,  well, well,  that’s not how life works, a person can be thin,  slim, fat, chubby, tall, darf, fair or whatever but everyone is unique the way they are! 

And the point is, we should respect it! 🤔

“Afterall, Fame is the fragrance of heroic deeds, Of flowers of chivalry and not of weeds!” 

These days there is so much of social media indulge on our lives. The way we look as well as what we eat is also governed or a lot influenced by the social media.

Body Shaming is very bad phase in anybody’s life and mostly it’s experienced by teenagers or working adults and it is something that really needs to stop. 🔚

Body shaming : affects self esteem and confidence!

When you joke about somebody and make fun of how they look, it affects them,  what is just a little bit of fun for you may last a lifetime for the one being bullied😱

Ask yourself, is there any necessity of being so judgemental or commenting on people which might make the other person more miserable🤔! 

No,  right?  

Then why do it? 

Autoimmune Disorder & Body Shaming! 

“One needs to accept themselves and be comfortable in their own skin!”

Autoimmune disorders bring a lot of things to deal with. Not only chronic illnesses are way time taking when it comes to healing process.

Sometimes, chronic illnesses are lifelong &  the best way to deal with them is to accept the situation and do the best you can because there is no other way out😇!

When, I talk about certain autoimmune disorders like lupus, I suffer from it myself,😯 Lupus, it brings along a number of different physical complications sometimes where in the patient might have butterfly rashes 🐝on the face and the body, I had them,  people often laugh around and talk about and it made me hell uncomfortable and sometimes lupus is worst like In my case, I suffered from Strokes and was paralyzed thrice. My knee wobbles at times when I walk & when people make fun of it or stare at me I felt more uncomfortable, even I stammer when stressed out, and there is a constant fight for survival! 🙄

“Especially when you are in your 20s,  people do matter😯, how they look at you, treat you,😕 it all makes a difference😑!”

With gastroparesis, I deal with a paralysed stomach too & it is so common that either the patient with get overweight because of diet mostly liquid diet☕, which causes water retention,  as in lupus even the kidney gets affected! 


My body keeps changing all the time🙆. It makes me too thin at times too because of malabsorption of nutrients & obese at times due to hormonal imbalance.  The worst thing is food belly👎 or bloated stomach as we all know because of gastroparesis it’s common you have a pseudo pregnant look whenever you try to eat !

Trust me, It is more uncomfortable within then you can imagine! 😯

I must admit I get affected too by “BODY SHAMING “, I too am human with emotions, ain’t alien 👽 

It was all difficult until my mind accepted the situation!😊

The best Way I learned to live is; I respect myself,  my journey, my struggle, my fight😏! I don’t expect people to understand my situation or have empathy. 

It is very important that you respect yourself then everybody is going to respect you!

“One needs to be comfortable and in  complete acceptance of self!”

I now stare back at those who stare at me👀,  make a joke on myself before someone can👻; it will make me stronger💪 than those who  body shame me!

In the end I am the one who laughs😜😊🙈

Remember,  life is too short to give negative thoughts or negative people🙍 any importance.

Never get bogged down by others or even situations that come in life! Be grateful for everything you have & I am truly grateful for everything I have today😇. Universe gives me in abundance and so will you receive in abundance once you get positive enough! 

“Love yourself!”

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