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    Why This Blog?

    Why this blog you may think! 🤔 One reason I know for sure is the fact that I wanted to spread awareness about autoimmune disorders as well as help everyone dealing with something and the other disease lead a better life and that is the reason I came up creating this blog! 🤓 ere I will be having recipes as well as I’ll be having various different articles and blogs✍ regarding my own journey🔄, my own struggle🛐 as well as different phases that I have been through. I really want to do it connect ♻ with everybody whom I can connect♻  & help with the little tricks and tweaks that…

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    About Me,  wanna know me?

    Wanna Know Me?

    I am Disha an autoimmune patient since the age of 14, with a mouthful of goodies that start from systemic lupus erythematous, APS, hypothyroidism, celiac, osteoporosis & now I also have gastroparesis by latest addon! I am ever smiling and full of life… A kid resides in me & I make sure it stays alive…😃 Been through endless flares, twice paralyzed, emotional distress, mental turbulence and so much more… one fact I believe in is life is worth living… I fight to live & make my dreams come true.. A writer & A blogger, I am working to spread awareness about autoimmune diseases and living with them…helping out each one…