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Black pepper Potato stir-fry!

Black pepper has so many healing properties and it is one the most treasured spices found in Southern India. It is a spice that is incorporated in all Indian cuisines and cuisines around the globe.  Black pepper has numerous health benefits… It helps prevent cancer¬† ūüėÖ It’s gut friendly¬† Black pepper improves digestion¬† Helps in…

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Millet Farali dosa!

Millet Farali dosa is a delicious grain free dosa recipe,  gluten free and can be vegan. It’s made using Barnyard millet and Tapioca.  Very healthy and nutritious as well! The best part is you can make these millet farali dosa easily and with minimal ingredients.¬†¬† Another sumptuous recipe for those who do Navratri vrat (fasting)specials. …

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Amaranth halwa

One of my favorite gluten free ingredients to cook with is Amaranth (rajagra/ rajgira.) Amaranth is rich in antioxidants and an amazing source of plant based protein.  The  best benefit that I find it’s that it has got antiinflammatory properties which actually helps living with the allergic reactions that are caused because of Immunoglobulin E.…

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