• bhindi ki sabji
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    Bhindi ki Sabji

    Bhindi Hindi name for our much loved Okra!  Bhindi ki Sabji is an authentic Indian delicacy, everyone has their preferred way of eating bhindi (Okra), some like it soft, just well done, some like it crisp, some prefer fried, & some want them stuffed.  Well, it tastes sumptuous anyway you cook it, the recipe we are making today is something I love, hassle free, quick & easy to go with roti or rice! Yes! Who doesn’t love Okra we all do, right! After potatoes, Okra is my favourite vegetable,  for sure, & it’s gluten free, Obviously!  It is one of the most loved veggie preparation of all times that I…

  • Suji ka Halwa
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    Suji Ka Halwa

    Suji Ka Halwa is one sweet dish that I love to cook and eat as well, though suji (semolina) is made from wheat,  we do get Gluten free Suji that works as good as the regular one. So those who are intolerant to gluten or celiacs can opt for gluten free semolina.  Suji Ka Halwa is often the choice of sweet made for prashad, offering to God, as it is something everyone affords and is made with simple ingredients.  Suji Ka Halwa has nuts in it though it tastes great without it as well. I use almond milk because I am lactose intolerant as well, however, in general normal dairy…

  • turmeric rice
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    Turmeric Rice

    Turmeric Rice is a simple rice preparation ideal to eat during covid 19 times, turmeric is a proven immune-booster! Well, I like cooking recipes that are simple yet delicious and healthy as well! It can be vegan if you avoid cheese and it’s gluten free. Indian food is based on age-old ayurvedic principles , so there is a predominant use of spices in the recipes and they have medical properties that help in healing and preventing ailments.  Just like Turmeric is one of the most used spices in Indian cooking.  Turmeric has many health benefits, with its known anti inflammatory nature due to curcumin present in it,  it also helps lower…

  • Cheese onion omelette
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    Cheese & Onion Omelette

    Who doesn’t love eggs? I mean it’s undoubtedly the easiest breakfast ingredient to use. Have hard boiled eggs or scrambled eggs or different kinds of omelettes, you have endless options for an easy healthy meal prepared using eggs. Eggs are an amazing source of protein and Vitamin B12. What’s more they are gluten free and good for gastroparesis as well as they have no fiber!  Bingo! This recipe is created by Ajay my Hubby, though it has onions which I don’t tolerate with gastroparesis many patients do. While he created this recipe while I was sick last week and couldn’t cook. He in fact had it for dinner! It’s such an…

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    Twisted Mashed Potato

    One of the dishes that I just love and the best part is I can digest and tolerate mashed potatoes as well having Gastroparesis. Mashed Potatoes  are one of my favourite dishes  off all times  especially when it comes to Italian cuisine. It’s Gluten free! so it works for celiac patients. It is such a simple preparation,  but it tastes amazingly  delicious. The unique thing about Mashed Potatoes is that you can make them in different ways, like Classic Mashed potatoes,  Mashed potatoes with beans,  Mashed Potatoes with mushrooms and it goes on.  Mashed potatoes are  gluten free the way I make them, The name  Twisted Mashed Potatoes  comes from …

  • corona virus
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    Immunosuppressed & Coronavirus: Coping with it!

    Autoimmune diseases means you always have one foot in the grave! Well, it might sound bruthle to those who aren’t suffering from any chronic illness, though those who are, know exactly what I mean! Life is a struggle as a patient always!   Quarantine, lockdown or Self Isolation are the same thing that a Chronic illness or immunosuppressed patient does for donkey’s years. We are used to staying home, be it school at home or work from home, we as such can manage going out occasionally.   Just that our Normal is another one’s Quarantine!  Funny eh? Nope! It ain’t that funny, for a patient it is annoying and it always was. …

  • Almond Milk
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    Almond Milk

    Almond Milk Recipe! Almond milk is one of the best and nutritious non-dairy Milk that is available for those who are trying to avoid dairy. I have lactose intolerance due to celiac & suffering from lactose intolerance since last 7 years now and have been avoiding dairy completely. Why lactose intolerance affects celiac patients in the blog Celiac & lactose intolerance. However, I love my milkshake and my coffee and I also love to have Masala chai which I can make with almond milk and this way I get my   caffeine fix sorted! Dairy can cause a lot of discomfort for those who are  intolerant to milk and dairy…

  • celiac
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    Celiac- An Autoimmune Disease

    It was the summer of 2014 when I suddenly had episodes of vomiting on a regular basis. Always nauseous & unable to eat much, lost quite a lot of weight & was malnutritioned. I was annoyed and being a lupus patient, tests were done to check if lupus had flared up or not and it 💯% Had!  I met a gastroenterologist to check what was the matter and after some blood test & endoscopy it turned out to be Celiac.  Damn! I had no clue what celiac was…  What is celiac? In common man’s language, Celiac is an autoimmune disorder, which isn’t simple to understand by most, It’s a disorder…

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    A decade to remember!

    A decade is about to end, it was indeed a decade to remember! An eventful decade it was I must say, grife, pain, struggle, friendships, relationships🧐, love, laughter, break ups, patch ups, hiccups🤪 it had it all!😜 A decade ago I was a different person, decade later I will be a different person. This 10yesrs taught me the biggest lessons of my life, those I can never forget!😏 The decade started on a positive note to last for 2 days. Although, on 3rd January 2010 I had my 2nd stroke and my 3rd major flare up! Aphasia it was!  I lost my speech, partially paralyzed! Couldn’t move jaw or tongue,…

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    Dahi Boondi

    Dahi Boondi! It’s one of those quick and easy recipes, I often eat for lunch…🍛 Classic Indian yogurt accompaniment, that I rather use as a meal!😇 Well, that’s how it is, when you eat like an ant 😜 It’s healthy, gluten free, guilt free, It’s soft and semi solid, making it apt for me to eat with gastroparesis… Won’t hamper with celiac… 😏 It’s easy to make and no cooking needed.. yogurt is best to feed my gut much needed probiotics, helping achieve healthy & good gut flora! Rich in protein as yogurt has protein while Boondi is made with chickpea flour, which is an excellent source of protein as…

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    Living with Gastroparesis- Tips to remember !

     Sometimes chronic illnesses are very much a task not only they are invisible illnesses 😱mostly  but they are prolonged illnesses as well which takes mental and physical strength😧 of anyone who is suffering from gastroparesis.😨  nevertheless there is no solution to guest dresses but including the prokinetic drugs that might work on you and might not work on you there are certain tips that may help you to live a better life with gastroparesis . So,  let’s look at some of those tips: Drink water all day🍶 First Thing to do is when you are suffering from gastroparesis, it is very important to keep sipping water all day🌞 long.  Moreover,…

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    Aloo Matar Gobi

     Sometimes all you want to eat is something really comforting but healthy at the same time and I suppose there are certain vegetables aka sabzi that do the needful. As a kid I used to love potatoes and I still do. Rather I tolerate them too & that matters.  I remember mom cooking different types of veggies for meals & she played with combination for the veggies her was going to make.   I love Aloo Matar Gobi and it is so comforting, I can eat it alone without roti or rice.  It is gluten free,  full of nutrients Like vitamins, minerals,  protein & essential fats & made with fresh produce…