• Chai
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    Chai: Essence of life!

    Ask anyone in India and everyone has their own say about chai!  Yes! Tea as we all know is a quaint essential part of Indian household and mornings are worthless without the perfect cuppa tea; Chai as we call it. Chai is something you want on a rainy day,”Aadrak wali chai Aur Pokode (ginger tea with fritters) “, life’s little pleasures!  It is surreal combination, right? We have small tea stalls where everyone meets In groups, friends or colleagues everyone loves that special break & chat at the tea stall,  like we say, “Kullad wali chai Aur dosto ke sang bante…” Even spying happens at a tea stall🕵. Well, there…

  • chronic illness
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    Chronic Illness & Work Life

    Working while you are a chronic illness patient? Well, it does work for some & doesn’t work for others, it is very different for everyone. I am from the age of 13 facing a health mess, proclaiming my throne of a chronic illness patient with SLE (lupus) an autoimmune disorder I had at  the age of 14! Well, chaos is a friend of mine ! Later on with the strokes and the paralysis attacks, my future was always dicey, I stay in India and was brought up with goodies & care possible but at the education system at that time was not patient friendly . As a grew up I…

  • Khaman


    Khaman is a native delicacy of India, from the state of Gujarat, Gujarati’s love it and can have it in any meal, but it is a breakfast delicacy. It is prepared using Gram flour / chickpea flour, that makes it Gluten Free & Vegan. You can enjoy it by pairing it with tea or coffee or its amazing by itself with mango chutney or mint – coriander chutney. Khaman is soft and juicy and i loved by all, its gastroparesis friendly as well. The best part, Khaman is a steamed, so you can include in your diet without second thought! A low calorie snack, packed with protein!   Ingredients: 1…

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    Traveling with Autoimmunity

    Whether are you going out for a movie,or  for going out for dinner it is very important to watch out about whatever you put in your mouth. Diet plays a very important role when it comes to eating. Most of the autoimmune patients are gluten free and half of them are vegan. If you are planning going out of town, you need to make sure you carry your food with you. I have got celiac, lupus & gastroparesis. HAVING gastroparesis makes it even harder as I am already gluten free, plus due to gastroparesis I barely eat solids and I am writing✍ this post today because at times when you…