Celiac- An Autoimmune Disease

It was the summer of 2014 when I suddenly had episodes of vomiting on a regular basis. Always nauseous & unable to eat much, lost quite a lot of weight & was malnutritioned. I was annoyed and being a lupus patient, tests were done to check if lupus had flared up or not and it πŸ’―% Had!  I met a gastroenterologist to check what was the matter and after some blood test & endoscopy it turned out to be Celiac. 


I had no clue what celiac was… 

What is celiac?

In common man’s language, Celiac is an autoimmune disorder, which isn’t simple to understand by most, It’s a disorder wherein your small intestine is affected, villi that absorb nutrition gets affected rather if I may say so the villi gets injured as it can’t tolerate gluten. 😟

Now, what the hell is Gluten? 😨

That was my first reaction when the doctor told me to follow a gluten free diet to heal celiac, as that’s the only cure available as on date! 

So back to the question, what is Gluten?πŸ™„

Gluten is a protein that is found in grains, that include all forms of wheat & wheat products. Barley & all products containing barley, rye! 

Even starches & malts that are made of wheat or barley needs to be avoided at all times.

So when you are detected with Celiac, you end up going gluten free for life, And hell ya, you Just don’t have a stomach ache if you ingest gluten in your system by error. You Face a lot more… I am serious on that. 

It’s horrible! 😱

The fact is that in India wheat is a dietary staple in the form of roti or paratha. Even talking globally, wheat is eaten on a daily basis in the form of bread or flatbread, baked goodies like cakes and donuts, cookies and so much more. 🀐

However, I assure you that gluten free diet isn’t as scary as it seems on the first go!Β 

So what’s all that you can Eat?

Everything Gluten Free

Ancient Indian grains are what will definitely come to your rescue 😊

Yes, you can eat all the millets, like finger millet, Ragi, then Amaranth, rajgira, or bajra, sorghum that’s jowar, branyard millet, rice, corn, quinoa and gluten free oats, as  they don’t have gluten in it, similarly you can have bread or cereals that are gluten free in nature. 

Yes, remember you can have all the vegetables and fruits to your heart’s content. πŸ˜œπŸ’—

Yes, you have to watch out while eating out as no more gravies, pizza or pasta until they are made gluten free.πŸ€ͺ

I got detected from Celiac in 2014, when there was least awareness about gluten free diet or gluten free choices available were very less!

Nowadays, there is a lot more awareness about gluten free diet and gluten free options are endless, you can eat a lot of goodies you like now even as gluten free! 

Well we don’t want to end up contaminated with gluten in any way so when it comes to buying packed food read the labels.🧐

There are certain additives you need to be careful with like starch or malt based food have gluten. Be careful!

Celiac, will heal with time, letting you eat well and avoid malabsorption of nutrients!☺️

I have recipes for gluten free diet on the blog for you to follow, cook and enjoy!Β I try to add as many recipes as I can that are easy to cook and delicious πŸ˜‹ as well!

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