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Chai: Essence of life!

Ask anyone in India and everyone has their own say about chai!  
Yes! Tea as we all know is a quaint essential part of Indian household and mornings are worthless without the perfect cuppa tea; Chai as we call it.

Chai is something you want on a rainy day,”Aadrak wali chai Aur Pokode (ginger tea with fritters) “, life’s little pleasures!  
It is surreal combination, right?

We have small tea stalls where everyone meets In groups, friends or colleagues everyone loves that special break & chat at the tea stall,  like we say, “Kullad wali chai Aur dosto ke sang bante…” Even spying happens at a tea stall🕵.
Well, there are business deals that also happen over a cup of Chai! sounds weird but true!

My life and Chai  times
Chai is something that connects every single Indian somewhere, somehow!
I need my Chai always it’s gluten free & liquid so best for gastroparesis, caffeine suits Me!


Mom and ME: Best Chai times ever!
I love my cuppa Chai spiced with ginger & mint just like Momma used to make!
Oh!  How much I miss those days,  when me & Mumma used to have special  tea times in the morning & in the evening, mornings were very relaxed & we read newspapers while sipping on some good strong chai & when we discussed everything that happened during the day & plan dinner in the evenings when she came back home from work!  


Life was so good over those cup of tea….  I miss those days & I miss Mumma!

ME & HUBBY : Chaitime, or Love Time?

Well, over a cup of tea a Lot can happen right?

Yes!  Yes! Yes!

That’s what happened to me; never thought I would end up at those crossroads but I did! After all, Love is a fragile flower opening to the warmth of spring…

As they say, What happens at the Tea Party, stays at the Tea Party!

Woo-hoo, not always!  

I met my “better half “, over Chai! Yes, a new friendship blossomed over a cuppa Tea!  

We became friends and started meeting at this cafe over chai.  Soon, he had hugged me tight in a Blanket of hope & love!!!

Chai partnered us through our rainbow of challenges!   

Love is a thrill ride which led us to our wedding, 1 & half years later!

Well, we started our wedding day too with a perfect cup of chai, sipping in reality, took a deep breath & walked the iel, in our case it was a court marriage & an evening fairytale party!

I was on cloud nine, as we sipped through the cuppa Chai, next  morning as a married couple! “Chai remains with us in every situation!” . Now, it is our companion in the new phase of life & we look forward each day to our Chai Times & Tea Party every day!

A true companion, indeed!

With a cup of chai, everything is possible! Chai time is an opportunity to pull back, relax, enjoy surroundings & appreciate life!

You won’t agree less that we grab a cup of chai when we wake up, when we are tired, when we get sad, scared to fight something out, Chai is a must when we need to solve  any problem, when someone is sick, when you are in pain, in grief & in happiness chai is always by your side!

It’s a different version of Chai for all, some like it strong, some want light, some liked ginger in chai & some want masala chai.

Chai is warm friend in winter, a cup of hope in summers, & best partner during rains!

Chai in cup, Mug or Kullad, Chai is a must!

“Chai is life, Cheers to Chai!”


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