Coconut Truffle

Coconut Truffles

Once in a while we all crave for something sweet & we diverse to treat  oneself,

These Coconut Truffles are so easy peasy yet so gooey, packed with flavours can never fail! Coconut Truffles are also known as Kopra pak  in India and served in square cubes with cardamon or saffron infusion.

Coconut Truffle
Coconut Truffles

They are guilt free as they are Gluten Free, Gut friendly, healthy and delicious, packed with the goodness of coconut, they are nutrishious….

I love them… I can have these Coconut Truffles every day all year round!


  1. 300 Gm  Shredded coconut (fine)
  2. 400 Gm Condensed Milk
  3. Extra Shredded coconut (coarse)


  • In a Pan take the condensed milk and heat on low.
  • Add the Shredded coconut (finely done) to the pan and mix well while keeping the heat medium to low.
  • Once mixed, turn off the flame and make small balls of the Shredded coconut & condensed milk mix.
  • Now in a plate take the coarsely Shredded coconut and roll the truffles in it and refrigerate them for an hour before you eat them.
  • Eat them and enjoy…

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