coke for gastroparesis

Coke for Gastroparesis?!

Does Coke really work for Gastroparesis?

When I started getting bezors due to food staying in my stomach for too long I kind of started looking for options I can try to reduce the bezors apart from medicines, I came up with patients who have tried having coke when they get bezor and want to get rid of it. 

coke for gastroparesis

Though in the start I was not sure if it can help or not, I thought of giving a try, I mean coke will not kill me in the end if nothing else…

It’s been more than a year I have coke now to help with the food that gets stuck in stomach to pass on in the small intestine;  however my intestines have pseudo obstruction as well… 



Well I can conclude as a patient and based on my experience that Coke works well for me, at least it helps ease the heaviness I feel otherwise… 


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  1. Thanks for sharing..

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