Conditions Apply

Well,  On the 31st of July,  it was heavy rains here in my city, Stuck home, I ended up sipping on black coffee and thinking about life’s most important two words, “Conditions Apply*” which matters so much, everything in life revolves around it!

Since the time we are born, In India you get treated based on Gender, if a boy is born the family is super happy, it’s the otherwise in the case when a girl is born! #ConditionsApply”Gender over happiness

When we are in school, the rich kids are treated differently than the others. They get more of everything than the less affording ones even if they have more aptitude #ConditionsApply* “Wealth over knowledge

When one goes to university, the Admission depends on not only how much you score but also on the caste you belong till India is concerned. A certain class has more access & low score admission possible than the others. #ConditionsApply* “Reservation over deserving

Even relatives will be there for you only if you are stable & rich and are an asset to them, if you are a liability, they will keep distance. #ConditionsApply* “If there is honey, there will be Honeybees 🐝

 When the wedding time comes the looks of bride and groom matter more than nature at times, health (if one of them is sick or disabled,  it is hard to get a good partner) & financial strength of both matters, & once they are married their compatibility and understanding matters for a happy marriage. #ConditionsApply*  “Looks over nature.

Your attitude matters in life more than anything,  you want to be grateful for everything or regret things is your choice,  you want to win or lose in any situation depends on your attitude! #ConditionsApply* “Life is how You See, either a glass is half empty or half full

We are vulnerable in life  in many cases when one is suffering from chronic illness or is Broke, your weakness when visible creates an open door for anyone to enter personal space and misuse the weaknesses not because something is wrong with those people nor they are devil but rather because we are so vulnerable…

“An opportunist is always on the hunt for the oppressed!”

Do you relate? 

Hmm…  See you do! I kinda can feel so…  

Smiling, aren’t you? 

So I feel that is very important that one should always make sure that we are not so vulnerable to the people outside and that we understand who is a real friend and who is an opportunist.  

#ConditionsApply* – If you are vulnerable, it will be an advantage for the opportunist.  

“Don’t be vulnerable!”

I suffer from many disorders, each contradicts the other,  so should I focus only on one? Or try & heal the easiest one let the rest be? 


Never,  I can’t live normally or the best way I can if I ignore even one, I can still find a possible solution. #ConditionsApply* ” I can Find the right way to deal with every disorder together

Well,  with Celiac I can eat anything I want but #ConditionsApply,  it has to be gluten free! 

Same way,  I can eat solids suffering from gastroparesis but #ConditionsApply*, its soft food and no Fiber!  

Don’t eat against your body comfort or be ready for the after effects, 😂

In life,  In every situation,  there is a hidden #ConditionsApply that we often forget to see or not bother about but it is something that  actually rules our lives, our choices, either to stay focused, safe, healthy, Invulnerable, fit, happy or be otherwise that’s why we choose in life & remember never to miss the #ConditionsApply* clause in every decision you make! 

” *star sign always comes each minute of your life,  you see or overlook is your choice “

Ain’t I Right? 

It’s your life,  you live it once,  make it the Best life!

* There are pros and cons in everything in life!  🙈🙃👍🤓

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