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Dealing with Nausea

Dealing with Nausea…

Are you having trouble dealing with nausea?

As a Lupie, suffering from systemic lupus erythematosus since 2003, when I was just 14, I soon knew  nausea was a part of my life, as a side effect of the medications I am on or just because of lupus itself but nausea was always the part of my life and dealing with it was never easy as a teen. 2014 I was detected with celiac & celiac came with endless nausea and vomiting, it was no less than a torture. I was diagnosed with gastroparesis later in 2016, extreme nausea is a part of my life now.   Having nausea or feeling nauseous all the time day in and day out makes it really difficult for one to cope up with the day to day activities, like studies or work, going out with friends, or just having fun, isn’t easy with nausea.

The experience and time really helps us understand how to get rid of the nausea or at least feel better.

🦋I’m sharing various ways  I adopted to feel better or what can be done to ease nausea. The experiences & day to day challenges I face have taught me a lot. 😃

Here we go:-

GINGER: Oh Yes! Ginger is the most effective thing when it comes to healing nausea you can try having ginger tea🍵 or you can keep Ginger candies🍬 always handy with you so that whenever you feel nauseous you can just popup Candy in your mouth. It works wonders!

PEPPERMINT: Yes! peppermint is very good remedy for nausea. You can have peppermint tea 🍵 or peppermint candies,🍬 whenever you feel nauseous.

AROMATHERAPY: 🎗Essential oil really help out and you can try out aromatherapy using lavender Essential oil or peppermint Essential oil🎗 the fragrances really work well in getting rid of nausea & it also helps you calm down and relax. Soothes your senses, which will make you feel better.

LEMON: Lemons🍋  do help in getting rid of nausea.  I generally take a slice of lemon and suck it. The juice of lemon🍋 once touches your tongue  will relieve the nausea and you will feel better. You can try lemon balm.🍋

✍These are few ways I have tried & it helps me to deal with Nausea, they really work in my case and hopefully they will work well in your case as well.



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