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DO’s and Don’ts during a Gastroparesis Flare up

Whenever you have a gastroparesis flare up it is very annoying at the same time, it is  overwhelming as it disturbs your daily chores, work & personal life all at the same time.

There is lack of energy for sure, there is all the pain and nausea you face and deal with, no food sucks, eating is torture and not eating is torture; choose any and you end up suffering more & more until the GP flare up settles down.

I believe in working with GP with certain do’s and don’ts, as listed below for every patient’s reference.

DO’s and Don’ts during a major Gastroparesis Flare up:

  1. Avoid Stress completely : Stress will worsen the symptoms and delay recovery. So NO STRESS.
  2. Do BREATHING exercise many times during the day: It Helps in activation of Vagus vein.
  3. Drink ginger tea or hot water many times a day: It helps In speeding up of stomach emptying. SPECIALLY HAVE HOT WATER AT NIGHT BEFORE YOU SLEEP.
  4. SAY NO TO FIBRE: No fibre to very less fibre, very important for speedy recovery.
  5. Follow clear liquid diet: Have only clear liquids till possible. Including of strained juices, clear soups, broths, sipping on gatorade, can Help big time.
  6. Introduce semi solids once better. Keep in mind it’s less fibre like mashed potatoes and rice.
  7. Walk 10 mins after every meal; this is something you can follow always.


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