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Finding Happiness is Easy!

This article is not something that only those who suffer from chronic Illness should be looking at , rather everyone who wants to live a happy life should go through it!

So, What is happiness? Now, what is happiness for you? Think!
There is a difference …
We all have our own parameters to define happiness for us. It is ours, different for all!
Ask a chronic illness patient, being able to go to Starbucks and have a cuppa coffee is happiness!
For a non- patient, it’s just going out for a coffee, what’s the big deal?!
Right, ain’t I!

One should focus on what makes them happy in life and do exactly that!
Stop, stop , stop looking at what others have or what you don’t have, it won’t make you happy rather it will cause sadness!
Focus on what you have and make the best of it. That will bring you happiness.
We always tend to see the negatives than the positives…
Now, change the way you focus on things and situations in life, just try consciously to focus on the positives, ignoring the negatives. It’s easier said than done, specially if you have chronic illness!
But trust me, it’s worth it anyday, I am not preaching it without practicing it!
I feel there are few points that can help bring in more happiness in our lives like:

  • Set your parameters for happiness low. I mean, be realistic!
  • Find happiness in smallest of the things, for e.g. even if you walk 10 steps more than yesterday be happy.
  • Never stress on anything that you couldn’t do Today! For e.g. It you walked 10 steps less than yesterday, be happy you can still walk! Right!
  • Appreciate yourself!
  • Never criticise yourself for anything
  • Imperfections are beautiful, be happy the way you are, what you are, because you are worthy of happiness!
  • Love yourself & you will be happy.
  • Do one thing everyday that makes you smile & trust me you will be happy always.
  • Stay contended

There’s always tomorrow to get better and achieve more but for now be happy, for the life you have, you know you are in a good place compared to many, Just be happy for that!

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