Fizul kharchi aka Extravagance

Well, though it’s out of box topic I wanted to write on it … 😊✒️✏️

I remember, that as kids parents & teachers always told us not to do any unnecessary expenses, aka fizul kharchi. I always get to hear back than , “don’t waste money”, “don’t buy this it’s not needed”, “you don’t value money”, “It’s hard earned money, use carefully”, Blah, blah, blah!

Ain’t I Right? 

You all will agree to it!

I agree being a Shopaholic 🛍 might also be an illness but sometimes when you start earning you aren’t accountable to anyone for your expenses, you tend to spend extra carefreely…

Nevertheless, Money is an important part in every patient’s life! 😶

Just like in the U.S. we need to get insurance approval before we proceed with the treatment, if you need them to pay your bills as every chronic illness treatment will cost you a pretty penny, it will never be cheap!

Same way in india, mostly if you get illness post getting insured it helps because after being diagnosed with any illness you won’t get an insurance that easy on it!

Plus they only pay for hospitalization not the medicines … Ironically we spend more on the later!😜

I feel we should live for today 😊& spend on everything that makes one happy… 

Sounds good, right!?🙄

But remember to save some too, for days you are in crisis, when you need funds, don’t depend on anyone… 😇

Nevertheless, It’s way different in my case,🙃 I am a patient of chronic illnesses, autoimmune disorders, my parents are no more and I earn through freelance blogging only.😕 I ain’t insured either. 😯

So, a major part of the money I earn or have as savings  is used up in medical treatment, many of you can relate to it.🙈

Do you?

There are so many people who come to me & preach, “Disha, why do you spend so much on medicines, it’s so expensive & you barely afford them, rather you should try Ayurveda or homeopathy its cheaper! 

Ya, right 😠

I get so pissed off & am done explaining them, Why I need the treatment I am on.🤔

While, the so called unwanted relative I have,  are on another level,🙄they once said, “Your illness isn’t curable then what’s the point of opting for expensive treatments, rather enjoy your remaining life”. 

It hurts….  Anyway! 🤐

I was so frustrated I told them, “I know well, my ailment is incurable but I still am alive & opt to fight till the last breath!”🤓

All I have to tell such people is, 👉Support if you can or just don’t bother to give advice.🙄

Once I asked my doctor, “Uncle, the total amount of money spent 💳on medicines in all the 18 years of being sick, I could have bought diamond necklace💰, or go on a world tour!”.🌏💰

He smiled back & said, “Disha to fulfill your desires, to travel around the world,  you have to be alive & healthy! 


The money you spend on medicines is to keep you alive”.  😊

What he said is so right…🤔

Who decides what is too expensive for me or what’s necessary. I agree I spend a major part of my earnings on medicines & quality whole foods & hygiene living. It may be fazool kharchi for many but if it helps me live a better life, it’s a necessity for me!

We often are judgmental on the way others live, their lifestyle & comment on their life. 

However, never do that, either they have more than enough to spend it or it’s a requirement. You never know!

One reason for writing ✏️this blog was to reach out to each and every person who is either a chronic illness patient or is opting on living a good quality life, never get bogged down by the society, the people who comment baselessly!

You know what’s best for you & you aren’t answerable to anyone… 🙈

Eat clean & healthy, even if means spending lavishly 🐾

Get your medications right, even if it’s forever….

It’s all  worth it if you are healthy & happy!

P.S. – “Save as much as possible💰, so that you can spend forever!”.

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