Gastroparesis: Dealing with a Flare up!

Gastroparesis: Dealing with a Flare up!

26 March 2019 0 By disha

Just a brief overview :

I have been a gastroparesis patient since 3 years now. It was a tough fight from beginning, I already had a restrictive diet since 2001 end almost, I was 14 years than & due to Lupus, I faced many issues as it was undetected till 2003. Then came celiac bringing in more restrictions to my diet since 2014. It wasn’t enough I was detected with Gastroparesis in March 2016. It brought in further more restrictions. almost no food mostly I survived on Buttermilk, Yogurt or gatorade. Nevertheless with medication and diet restrictions I could eat some semi solids or soft food many a times. By 2018 I tolerated semi solids, Post I got married in December 2018, I was happier and could eat bite size meals like everyone.

Sudden flare up is Overwhelming …

Suddenly, Last week, in 3rd week of March 2019, amidst my just on track life, I again faced a Gastroparesis flare. My doctor confirmed it is a GP flareup. I was so annoyed as life just started taking right shape. In my Personal life I am happy, started working few hours a day (which is a boon), Going to the same school I studied and where I was normal is fun,I have been working on health and fitness.
Ironically, GP and Lupus never lets things go that smoothly. Its always rocky roads ahead…
Though My energy levels are bad and Pain is immense;
With a pinch of salt I took the challenge to deal with the flare up with grace this time. Though its been a week off food and just Coconut water, gatorade or yogurt, I am on my way to getting better….still not recovered a bit in fact I have developed GERD symptoms more.
Yes, it is very depressing and overwhelming; But I choose to fight back without losing hope or getting stressed out.
Most Importantly what I believe is to follow some do’s and don’ts to get back on tracks soon