Health Benefits Of Carom Seeds

It’s a spice that every person in India knows, as ajwain.  Carom seeds, though not many know the health benefits it has. Carom seeds vary from being  olive green to brown in colour.

Roasting Carom seeds refines the aroma and the flavour. 

They are very nutritious as they are rich in fiber, various minerals, and vitamins.  

They are antioxidant rich as well.

Here are few health benefits of carom seeds:

1 . Works in reducing and  relieving Acidity or Indigestion

On a general note carom seeds are  added to Indian delicacy at home in sabji or dal since decades for it is a digestive.  Indian food is normally made on the principles of ayurveda. 

The active enzymes present in carom seeds help in boosting the digestive functions by releasing  gastric juices. Known to ease abdominal discomfort caused by indigestion. Also helps in dealing with stomach pain or heartburns. 

It works well for gastroparesis patients as it somewhat speeds up the stomach emptying time as well.

 2. Carom seeds helps in treating Common Cold

Carom seeds help in avoiding nasal blockage and eases the mucus discharge. Prepare a paste of ajwain seeds and 

3. Helps in dealing with tooth aches. 

4. Eases the Pain caused due to Rheumatoid Arthritis. 

Carom seeds possess two amazing qualities that help them deal with RA.

As a lupus patient I have seen the difference in pain just by drinking carom seed water.

Carom seeds have antibiotic properties that help in reducing redness while combating inflammation.

Secondly, they possess anaesthetic properties that help to soothe the pain and swelling. 

  1. Apply  carom seed paste on aching joints and leave it for sometime. 
  2. In a tub of warm water with carom seeds soak your feet in it and relax.  

5. Increases appetite 

It is beneficial  for those suffering from loss of appetite as carom seeds are known to increase appetite.  

6. To Stop Greying of Hair

Carom seeds help in stopping premature greying of hair. 

7. Helps in regularizing menstrual cycles.  

8. Acts as a natural skin cleanser. 

Carom seeds powder is useful in lightening scars  and blemishes.  Grind Carom seeds with some water, Apply the paste on the scar and leave it for 10-15 minutes and then rinse well. 

If applied on the whole face it helps in deep cleansing of the pores and removes all the dirt making  skin glow. 

9. Boosts metabolism and promotes weight loss.

Drinking carom seed water on a regular basis will help in reduction of body fat and weight loss as it will increase your metabolism.

10. Helps lowering cholesterol levels.  

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