Hot water therapy for gastrolaresis

Hot water therapy for gastrolaresis

Dealing with Gastroparesis pain is not that easy I know it for sure!😕

I do deal with it every single day or the other myself, specially on the day I manage to eat something I am completely bloated😨. But there are ways that can help you sort out the blotting and the pain.

One such way is using hot water therapy and you can use this particular hot water therapy in two different ways as given them below:


  • You can use a hot water bag as a compression for your stomach and put it on your stomach for sometime that will help you suppress the pain to an extend🤘. It will also come you down and help you relax the muscles😇


  • The second way is sipping hot water at intervals or whenever you can have some water.🍶 You can even have only one or two sips of water and having hot water 🍶 will help in stomach emptying as well as ease pain and bloating.🤰


↪️ Hot water therapy is only one of the technique that can help you all the pain that you feel with gastroparesis but there are many other ways that can also help you deal with gastroparesis which I will share with you in the next blog one after another.


Hang on ⭐ stay strong,  life is beautiful 🌟

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