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Immunosuppressed & Coronavirus: Coping with it!

Autoimmune diseases means you always have one foot in the grave!

Well, it might sound bruthle to those who aren’t suffering from any chronic illness, though those who are, know exactly what I mean! Life is a struggle as a patient always!  

Quarantine, lockdown or Self Isolation are the same thing that a Chronic illness or immunosuppressed patient does for donkey’s years. We are used to staying home, be it school at home or work from home, we as such can manage going out occasionally.  

Just that our Normal is another one’s Quarantine! 

Funny eh?

Nope! It ain’t that funny, for a patient it is annoying and it always was. 

So, When I first heard about the new contagious virus coronavirus I was horrified, I mean I was just on the mend and this virus  had to strike the world! 

It’s  spreading like a wildfire!!!

It brought in a pause for which the world was not prepared. It was a global pandemic.


Gosh, no! 

Please no! 

Was the only reaction I had before I became all anxious because of the coronavirus.

Man, It even has a name, Covid-19. 

Why do people make end-of-the-world jokes like there’s no tomorrow?Sometimes, jokes become reality and people’s survival becomes the joke!

Everything has come to a halt, the world is closed, officially!

For once my normal is everyone’s normal, and everyone around looks as pale as a ghost. 

Having said so, a patient who is immunocompromised is the most vulnerable to any kind of infection, not only Covid-19, but even whether to say the least. Afterall, a chronic illness patient’s life has more holes than a swiss cheese.   

There are few tweaks that you can adapt to in life on a regular basis, not just for the pandemic.

  • You should always wear a mask, N95 preferred in this circumstance. Whenever  you are going out.  For once people won’t stare at you like you are an alien. 
  • Sanitize, always, this is something we do daily be there a virus or no virus, right now with coronavirus around,  Sanitize your hands religiously. Keep your hands clean with immunosuppression, hygiene is the key, It will help the germs stay at the bay. 
  • Your vitals matter, Have your dose of Vitamins   & minerals intact. 
  • Stay Hydrated, drink a lot of water, you can add a slice of lemon in it, it works. Water keeps the system going. 
  • Eat clean & healthy, it is something one should do always but especially right now with no room for inflammation. That means No junk food, avoid chocolates , Include fresh veggies & fruits.  Avoid  food that you are allergic to, foods that cause Inflammation, like, fried, processed , sugary drinks, and sugar. 
  • For the Pandemic, if you are very worried talk to your doctor, regarding your doubts on how to combat the situation, never play with your meds without doctor’s consent. 
  • Stay optimistic & keep calm, easier said than done, but that’s gonna help out, for sure. 
  • Practice affirmations, Yes, it’s gonna be your best support system trust me, it will help you heal & stay in remission. 

Soon,   we will come out of this pandemic situation together, strong and alive. 

Once this pandemic ends by God’s grace, which it will, soon having a treatment or vaccine found for it. People will be having a normal life again and as a patient you need to Get your ducks in a row, & remember, your fight continues, that you still will have to fight each day for survival. 

Stay Strong and hang on, Fight the Fight once more, this time for coronavirus!”

*Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional or doctor, just a patient who is working towards awareness of autoimmune disorders & helping patients deal with their issues in a better way with my experience! 

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