It was out of the blue…

Throughout the pandemic I maintained my sanity but sometimes life is so overwhelming not to lose hope or get sick and stressed out! 

Trying to avoid getting infected by covid 19 or trying to manage expenses  it’s all so difficult at times.  

Always either – or situation for an immunosuppressed patient.  However hard it is to deal with it but chronic illness has a say of its own! 

I have opted to stay safe than to stay secured and I am not going to regret my decision… I never do…. every choice I make in life either works positively for me or teaches me a life lesson I can further use to live a quality life! 

Yes! It was quite certainly out of the blue that I had obnoxious stomach  ache and chest pain last week.  Though my stomach is still messed up and I don’t know why or till when? 

It was a horrifying night,  I was restless since noon with the pain and felt strain on my heart but it’s almost 2 years since I ever landed in such a situation!

I felt numb, had racing heart,  intestine pain and stomach pain. 

Phew! All at once… I was more confused than worried though by night I was worried enough that hubby had to go out at 11 pm to buy medicine to calm my heart down. 

Was clueless as to why I felt sick after 2 years of health recovering positively!  

It was weird as I was doing everything right!

I thought of Checking out checklist to see if I am missing anything- 

Sunblock ✅

Medication/ affirmations on time ✅

Low residue diet ✅

Semi solids✅

Liquid diet ✅

Walk …. Arrr … less than normal but I did✅ 

Stress ☑


Now, I got it, the main thing for me to end up causing all the problems in the world when it comes to my stomach or intestinal movements or lupus flares is stress!

So, I was overwhelmed with the current situations in life… I generally get scared of oblivious times and issues I ain’t able to deal with… most of them are my choice, I do face them  but have some anxiety at  times…

I had faced worse in life if I think of health, nevertheless,  this was not about health,  it was something that involved other people… ⛔ Muggles scare me!

I can deal with only myself confidently I suppose… In return I was overthinking and ended up being stressed out.  

Rather, all I needed to do was to stop thinking,  breath, relax and  think of solutions to deal with it.  Solutions come with a calm mind not when anxious! 

Which, apparently, I understood later on…. However,  it was too late,  health was affected 😔

Although, whenever something comes up that affects heath my inner turmoil eases off and switches off. I reaffirm that nothing but health matters, at all given point health was, is and has to be my main concern and focus on better health and life!

My main reason to pen down this blog was to let everyone out there know that whatever the situation is,  never stress out.  

In these times of uncertainty we all are overwhelmed with the pandemic but never stress out it will only worsen your problem…

So, even when I do everything right,  a little bit of stress can ruin everything!  


Now I have one more to stress on is that I ain’t supposed to stress out 🙃 Hahaha… 🤣🤣🤣

Keep smiling,  stay calm, meditate,  practice affirmations and in the end stay safe….

If you are alive you can always find a way out!

Focus on living well while alive..

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