Living with Gastroparesis- Tips to remember !

 Sometimes chronic illnesses are very much a task not only they are invisible illnesses 😱mostly  but they are prolonged illnesses as well which takes mental and physical strength😧 of anyone who is suffering from gastroparesis.😨

 nevertheless there is no solution to guest dresses but including the prokinetic drugs that might work on you and might not work on you there are certain tips that may help you to live a better life with gastroparesis .

So,  let’s look at some of those tips:

Drink water all day🍶

First Thing to do is when you are suffering from gastroparesis, it is very important to keep sipping water all day🌞 long.  Moreover, have Luke warm water if you suffer from constipation. It will help you for sure. 😊

Eat less Fiber 🍿

When I say fiber is bad for gastroparesis patient, I don’t mean have no fiber🍎, rather you need to choose easily digestible fiber, 🤔fiber keeps you fuller for longer & delays stomach emptying. Limit the amount of fiber🌾🌽 intake to no more than 3 grams per meal, so as to help with speeding the stomach emptying time. 🙁

Eat Semi Solid food 

Having liquids to semi solids or pureed foods are easy to  digest and leaves the stomach faster than solids🍖. Helping in easing stomach emptying time.   even if you want to have something solid🍪 have it in the morning it is much better if you have semi solid  or liquid food in the evening after 5 p.m.🕔

Have ginger tea daily 

Ginger is excellent for digestion & it speeds up the stomach emptying time.🍠  Ginger tea is an easy way to even keep nausea away. The recipe of ginger tea🍵 is in the link.  Keep sipping on it whenever you need.  

Plan your meals 🍱

To manage weight,  as well as ease flare up,  don’t munch all day, rather plan💭 your meals 🍳and eat at that time.  Maybe 5 to 8 mini meals a day. Planning💭 meal🍜 time will give the stomach time to empty more easily than snacking. 🙃You can’t track the amount of food you eat while snacking and eat more than you think. 🍜

Limit Fats in diet 

Fats 🧀🍔take more time to empty stomach,  that is the reason why you need to limit on fats you eat.  Have nut butter,🌰 it has good fats & is easy on the stomach.  Plus, it gives you protein, keeping you satiated in less for longer.  🍌

Sleep well ! 😇

We need proper rest to heal ourselves & feel better. Sleep Is important part for healing & speeding up gastric emptying and resting will help stay calm! 

Walk or exercise 

Exercise helps in speeding up the stomach emptying time.  At least 30 minutes of physical activity every day is recommended. You should try and Walk 10 mins after every meal,  it will also help a lot. 💃

Practice breathing techniques 

Practice breathing that works for activation of vagus nerve.😇  Which will help in speeding stomach emptying time. The breathing exercises goes like inhale 4 counts with belly out,  hold 20 seconds & exhale 8 counts pulling belly as in as you can! 😯

Limit sugar intake 

Those with idiopathic gastroparesis should also limit the amount of sugary foods🍭🍰 & drinks they have as sugar 🍩tends to create a delay in the stomach emptying while it also leads to blood sugar imbalance. 🍦

Know your body & maintain a food journal! 

What suits you is different from what suits me,  everyone has different triggers😠 , observe what suits you,  what worsens it,😨 the best way to do it is by maintaining a food journal,  so that you can actually live with less flares. 😥

Limit processed foods 

In general processed foods are not good for anyone,  but for someone with chronic illness like gastroparesis, processed foods🌯🌮

aren’t healthy at all like pasta🍝 & white bread🍕 and white sugar,🍥 carbonated drinks🍺,  chips & cookies🍪. They though are low in fiber & empty stomach easily, the problem is that they do not have enough nutrients and are basically hollow calories that fill your stomach up.🙃🙁🙃

Eat smaller meals 

The  amount of food that you consume at a time matters the most😏 when it comes to gastroparesis. Be it  liquid meals🍷 or semi solid Meal🍨 it is most important to make sure that you do not exceed a particular quantity at a given time. Eat more often but eat very small quantity every single time🍌.

No Stress 

Yes,  stress worsens the symptoms of Gastroparesis & further delays stomach emptying.  It is best to remain completely stress free & to do so you can refer to my blog on stress management! It will help you deal with stress and manage it as well.

“Follow these tips and you will surely be able to manage gastroparesis better!” 

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