Living with Lupus- Part 1 : Importance of Exercise

Well, when I say working out while living with lupus, I don’t really mean doing pilates 6 days a week or doing cardio for 45 minutes every single day of the week or just go and run a marathon.


It ain’t realistic! 

I only refer to working out while living with lupus is being able to do something that you can count as physical activity. Including getting off the bed in the morning, when you are not very functional, still managing to have a shower and getting ready! 

It’s an achievement…

Believe me…

Ask a spoonie, trying to survive on low spoons!

Chronic illnesses are invisible but their presence is well felt by the patient.

You know  what I mean?

Its just like me being able to cook good meal for my hubby is considered to be a very good day in my books. 

That’s a kind of workout for my body as well, especially my knuckles. 

Well, they hurt like  hell  & I ain’t kidding!

You know what I mean!

If you are suffering from lupus, living isn’t simple any day of life.

One who lives with chronic illness has a very action packed life  I feel!

No offense! 

I am one of you…

Having to deal with new challenges each day that too with a smile  ‘coz, hello,  it’s invisible, remember? 

No one’s going to understand it because they can’t see it…

(My experience)

While my lupus is quite in control, not in remission though, I manage to walk every morning and evening for around 15 to 30 minutes. Nevertheless the timing or the amount of Miles or steps I walk depends on how much energy I have that day. 

You can be assured of the fact that it is never the same everyday, I will be on top of my energy levels one day and the next day I will be at my lowest but that is the way My Body Works and that’s what I have accepted over time with two decades of staying with lupus. 

However, there are few exercises that you can do while living with lupus that can help you have better functionality as well as better working capacity or I will say better strength some of them are listed below:

  • The best form of exercise that you can do if you are lupie is just going for a walk for at least 15 to 30 minutes each day either at sunrise or sunset as both the timings are beautiful and the sun won’t be Harsh at that time as well. Nature’s beautiful…
  • You can also do wrist rotation, ankle rotation, shoulder rotation,   neck rotation to keep all your joints in a good  functional condition. 
  • I try to do squats and crunches that have to be my high strength and my abs, I have to re understand that if my core is strong,  I have better balance on my body and I tend to fall less & move better.
  • Very good state and you are able to do hard core working out then you can of for good 30-40 minutes of cardio but I would again say it is best to walk in nature during sunrise and sunset.

The particular reason of putting down this blog is that I really promote walking specially amidst nature because if this gives you so much of positivity if you do it early in the morning your whole day becomes better can do it is difficult to adopt a pattern in the start with all the pain in the fatigue that comes with lupus but over a period of time you are going to enjoy your walks and it is going to be so much beneficial uneven medically walking help blood circulate in the whole body which gives so much of positive hormone release which is the key to good moods post workout and trust me even the worst of pains just go out in your backyard or your terrace or in the park if possible and just walk pause it for sometime and breathe if nothing else for some time alone and you are solid to feel better.

Invisible illnesses are hard to deal with but come on we have it within us  and that is the reason we are the Gods special Susan ones

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