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Never let yourself down!

Never let yourself down!

As a patient of chronic illness, I understand that it becomes very difficult for us to everyday get up & spend a normal day that is fruitful in some way or other… 

Each day you learn, you grow…
With experience, you evolve as a bit more mature & bit more carefree in life..

There are days when you are not able to do anything, those days don’t let yourself down.

It is no big deal everyone has a bad day just let the day be and let it go tomorrow is going to be a new day for you and you are going to be able to do something and always have hope that tomorrow is going to be a Better Day!

Living with such chronic illnesses and pain, I’ve learnt one thing that no matter what I do I’m always excelling my capacity and giving my 500% to those things and I am always proud of what I am doing rather than be upset of not being able to do what I cannot do….

I am special and we all are in one way or the other, I value myself & I have learnt to appreciate what life gives and what I am able to do and always be grateful for that… Do what makes you happy, follow your heart … It will lead you to everything you want & deserve… 💗

Be poise, Be graceful, enough to mesmerize the world!🤨Never let yourself down, you are worthy of everything, you are fighting to live this life,

Remember, many out there can’t do what you can ☺️
Be ever grateful…💗💗

Life with chronic illnesses is tough but remember that life is worth it it is worth the fight that you are giving every single day to survive so please don’t just survive but Rather live life Day fullest while you are alive…

You are unique, cherish your existence…. 

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