On a good hair day with Lupus !

On a good hair day, sitting at the salon for my hair spa, I just went through the Memory Lane😇

Hair!  Oh,such a less important topic to value or talk off. Nevertheless,  hair doesn’t define women, but it does help; no wonder every girl wants to have those perfect hair! 👩

However,  ask me & I will tell you I can even embrace messy hair,  with lupus I never ended up with those perfect dream hair after I got Sick!Well, when it comes to me, a good hair day means good health day!😇

Oh yes!  It’s a chore to wash hair on alternative days, leave the styling part aside, that happens once in a blue moon.  With my energy levels😓 I should be happy to just get my hair washed twice a week; drily I quite manage it on alternate days most of the time😅

Yes!  With lupus🐝, hair fall Is so common & moreover whenever I was going through a  flare up my hair suffered big time & how! If I talk about every flare up, I had my hair change or say hair was always a part of every flare up, with stroke 1, I lost some hair & my volume was affected  while in next major flare it so happened all my hair went curly; hilarious it was! Though it looked cute, it was new for me and then in 2nd stroke, I was almost bald & when now I look back I have for a few years my hair  straight!

Phew!  Such a mess! 😓

I am happy now at least I have enough hair to play around with… I love going to a salon whenever I have enough hair 😂. So I go get pampered with an hour of hair  spa💆 each month & get them chopped little as well 💇

After all,  I am a girl 😂 !

I doubt it at times though, my hubby quotes me as alien👾 often! 🙈🙊

To me my looks matter👩😏

When I say so, I embrace every phase now & ever grateful for whatever I have today in my bag🛍! It took years to be precise over 17 years to understand, it matters how I look at myself, not how others look at me! 👀

It is  important to love yourself 💓💟 every moment of your life, I can now flaunt being bald,  have curly hair or wavy hair and my favorite look of straight hair! I mean we all love straight hair,  don’t you?🙄😜

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