salted lassi

Salted Lassi with a twist!

Yogurt is one of the staples to serve your probiotic staples. Yogurt is an amazing source of probiotics as well as protein & a good amount of calcium.

I love greek yogurt and though I don’t tolerate lactose, Mostly do fine with yogurt and that’s the case for almost all lactose intolerants. I love to drink sweet lassi but sugar isn’t that good when it comes to stomach emptying and that’s why this recipe.
It will speed up stomach emptying time, help with constipation , hyperacidity and GERD. 

I love it and it works well with my gastroparesis as well as celiac and Lupus! It has amazing digestive properties due to the ingredients used & it tastes delicious! The twist is we use Black Salt instead of normal salt!


Lets see what we need: 

  1. Yogurt: 400 gms
  2. Water: 200 ml
  3. Black salt: 1 tsp (you may use more or else as per your taste)
  4. Black pepper: 1 tsp ( you may use less if you don’t want it spicy; algough black pepper wont hurt the stomach)
  5. Roasted cumin powder: 1 tsp
  6. Ice cubes  to top it up with  

Let’s make it:

  1. In a blender take the yogurt, water, black salt and black pepper and blend on high for 5 mins. This will give it a creamy texture, rich volume and taste!
  2. Add the freshly roasted cumin powder & blend again for 2 mins. Using freshly roasted cumin powder will give it better aroma and flavor. 
  3. Now serve in 2 tall glasses and add ice cubes to it and serve!

Wallah! Drink on summer afternoons or for dinner replacement like I do!

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