Stress Worsens It All

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“Stress Worsens It All!”, Please don’t stress out, everything will be OK.

Just hang on!

These lines sound familiar, right! Don’t they? Yes! For I know every chronic illness patient hears these lines endless number of time, everyday almost.

Someone might feel, Hell, I am in pain & nothing is working right & you say don’t stress out!

I know it sounds way more irritating than one can imagine, it’s like expecting a dog not to bark or a chameleon not to change color in accordance with the object it’s on!

I understand!

Well, I am a chronic illness patient with basket full of Autoimmune disorders & I stress out on the smallest possible thing too.

Nevertheless, I would say that myself that “PEASE, DON’T STRESS OUT!”, I am trying to remove all  stresses off my life too. Yes! Because I realized it with my own experience that Stress Worsens It All!

The pain, the symptoms, the reactions, everything!

Autoimmune Disorders & effects of stress!

Almost all autoimmune diseases are linked to stress in one way or the other & drilily  you are stressed out automatically when you suffer from autoimmune diseases.

I have some diseases that are affected by stress :

Stress and autoimmune connection!

  • Lupus: In lupus patients, not only stress causes fatigue as well as it leads to lack of well-being.
    • It can cause reactivation of disease. Hence, stress can lead to lupus flare ups.
    • #We must remember psychological stress as well as illness travel in the same brain pathways,  this can result in an inevitable cycle in all the Autoimmune Disorders.
  • Gastroparesis: In patients with gastroparesis, stress can cause not only vomiting and nausea.
    • But it can also cause further delayed stomach emptying.  After all gut is your second brain.
  • Anatomy Ecosystem Imbalance: Stress affects all, the endocrine system,  immune system, pituitary glands & hormones, the Vagus nerve!

“That’s when comes the real deal to look into things that stress you out and eliminate them, however  hard choice it is!”

  • Eliminate every person who is source of negative energy for you; you don’t need demotivators.
  • Never plan ahead.
  • Never give up
  • Stop thinking negative or about your disease
  • Eliminate possessed food & extra sugar / salt out of your diet.  
  • Stay away from people who pull you down or those who make you feel worse.  

Concentrate & Practice the following; it helps reduce stress.  

  • Be around people with positive vibes,  people who motivate you & push you forward in life 😇
  • Love yourself.  Yes! First thing,accept as you are & love yourself. 💗
  • Speak & write affirmations;  you won’t even know when it changes your life!  In a positive way😉
  • Eat Healthy & clean food. It does miracles!💖
  • Always maintain positive attitude and thoughts. Nevertheless,  it’s hard at times but keep doing it… 😇
  • Act according to your health at present,  if not well or fatigued, rest & do whatever you can! 😇🤓. Be proud of whatever you could do even if it was just getting off the bed & taking shower. 😍

Cherish yourself & love yourself! It will not only remove stress,  it will make you feel happy & healthier!

Trust me…  

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