• Suji ka Halwa
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    Suji Ka Halwa

    Suji Ka Halwa is one sweet dish that I love to cook and eat as well, though suji (semolina) is made from wheat,  we do get Gluten free Suji that works as good as the regular one. So those who are intolerant to gluten or celiacs can opt for gluten free semolina.  Suji Ka Halwa is often the choice of sweet made for prashad, offering to God, as it is something everyone affords and is made with simple ingredients.  Suji Ka Halwa has nuts in it though it tastes great without it as well. I use almond milk because I am lactose intolerant as well, however, in general normal dairy…

  • salted lassi
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    Salted Lassi with a twist!

    Yogurt is one of the staples to serve your probiotic staples. Yogurt is an amazing source of probiotics as well as protein & a good amount of calcium. I love greek yogurt and though I don’t tolerate lactose, Mostly do fine with yogurt and that’s the case for almost all lactose intolerants. I love to drink sweet lassi but sugar isn’t that good when it comes to stomach emptying and that’s why this recipe.It will speed up stomach emptying time, help with constipation , hyperacidity and GERD.  I love it and it works well with my gastroparesis as well as celiac and Lupus! It has amazing digestive properties due to…

  • walk
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    Living with Lupus- Part 1 : Importance of Exercise

    Well, when I say working out while living with lupus, I don’t really mean doing pilates 6 days a week or doing cardio for 45 minutes every single day of the week or just go and run a marathon. Nah! It ain’t realistic!  I only refer to working out while living with lupus is being able to do something that you can count as physical activity. Including getting off the bed in the morning, when you are not very functional, still managing to have a shower and getting ready!  It’s an achievement… Believe me… Ask a spoonie, trying to survive on low spoons! Chronic illnesses are invisible but their presence…

  • corona virus
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    Immunosuppressed & Coronavirus: Coping with it!

    Autoimmune diseases means you always have one foot in the grave! Well, it might sound bruthle to those who aren’t suffering from any chronic illness, though those who are, know exactly what I mean! Life is a struggle as a patient always!   Quarantine, lockdown or Self Isolation are the same thing that a Chronic illness or immunosuppressed patient does for donkey’s years. We are used to staying home, be it school at home or work from home, we as such can manage going out occasionally.   Just that our Normal is another one’s Quarantine!  Funny eh? Nope! It ain’t that funny, for a patient it is annoying and it always was. …

  • Lactose intolerance
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    Celiac and Lactose Intolerance

    When you suddenly get lactose intolerant with having celiac… You wonder, are they connected? Oh Yes! Damn they are… Celiac and Lactose Intolerance go hand in hand, When I say this, it reminds😏 me of the offer you normally get in stores, buy 1 get 1 free… 😉😜 Ironic enough that seems to be the way it is, because it’s all about small intestine after all 😇 So let’s start from the start…. What’s Lactose? In general terms, if I say so, Lactose is a kind of sugar found in milk and other dairy products.  When do you Face Lactose Intolerance with Celiac?  Lactose intolerance in celiacs is caused due…

  • celiac
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    Celiac- An Autoimmune Disease

    It was the summer of 2014 when I suddenly had episodes of vomiting on a regular basis. Always nauseous & unable to eat much, lost quite a lot of weight & was malnutritioned. I was annoyed and being a lupus patient, tests were done to check if lupus had flared up or not and it 💯% Had!  I met a gastroenterologist to check what was the matter and after some blood test & endoscopy it turned out to be Celiac.  Damn! I had no clue what celiac was…  What is celiac? In common man’s language, Celiac is an autoimmune disorder, which isn’t simple to understand by most, It’s a disorder…

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    A decade to remember!

    A decade is about to end, it was indeed a decade to remember! An eventful decade it was I must say, grife, pain, struggle, friendships, relationships🧐, love, laughter, break ups, patch ups, hiccups🤪 it had it all!😜 A decade ago I was a different person, decade later I will be a different person. This 10yesrs taught me the biggest lessons of my life, those I can never forget!😏 The decade started on a positive note to last for 2 days. Although, on 3rd January 2010 I had my 2nd stroke and my 3rd major flare up! Aphasia it was!  I lost my speech, partially paralyzed! Couldn’t move jaw or tongue,…

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    Dahi Boondi

    Dahi Boondi! It’s one of those quick and easy recipes, I often eat for lunch…🍛 Classic Indian yogurt accompaniment, that I rather use as a meal!😇 Well, that’s how it is, when you eat like an ant 😜 It’s healthy, gluten free, guilt free, It’s soft and semi solid, making it apt for me to eat with gastroparesis… Won’t hamper with celiac… 😏 It’s easy to make and no cooking needed.. yogurt is best to feed my gut much needed probiotics, helping achieve healthy & good gut flora! Rich in protein as yogurt has protein while Boondi is made with chickpea flour, which is an excellent source of protein as…

  • wedding chura
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    Wedding Chura & Me!

    It was last year when wedding bells rang for me!  Oh!  I recall the search for the perfect Chura that I was supposed to wear from wedding till the time I wanted to. Chura is a set of red bangles with few white bangles. Typically, Odd number of bangles, a set of 43, 21, 11,9, 7 or 5 bangles to be worn in each hand. It can be worn for 3 days, 7 or 21 days or 40 days to a complete year!  It is said to be a good luck charm  plus it becomes easily guessable that the girl Is newly married. 👰 Oh Gosh, I was getting married,👰 I…

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    Living with Gastroparesis- Tips to remember !

     Sometimes chronic illnesses are very much a task not only they are invisible illnesses 😱mostly  but they are prolonged illnesses as well which takes mental and physical strength😧 of anyone who is suffering from gastroparesis.😨  nevertheless there is no solution to guest dresses but including the prokinetic drugs that might work on you and might not work on you there are certain tips that may help you to live a better life with gastroparesis . So,  let’s look at some of those tips: Drink water all day🍶 First Thing to do is when you are suffering from gastroparesis, it is very important to keep sipping water all day🌞 long.  Moreover,…

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    Conditions Apply

    Well,  On the 31st of July,  it was heavy rains here in my city, Stuck home, I ended up sipping on black coffee and thinking about life’s most important two words, “Conditions Apply*” which matters so much, everything in life revolves around it! Since the time we are born, In India you get treated based on Gender, if a boy is born the family is super happy, it’s the otherwise in the case when a girl is born! #ConditionsApply”Gender over happiness “ When we are in school, the rich kids are treated differently than the others. They get more of everything than the less affording ones even if they have…

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    Fizul kharchi aka Extravagance

    Well, though it’s out of box topic I wanted to write on it … 😊✒️✏️ I remember, that as kids parents & teachers always told us not to do any unnecessary expenses, aka fizul kharchi. I always get to hear back than , “don’t waste money”, “don’t buy this it’s not needed”, “you don’t value money”, “It’s hard earned money, use carefully”, Blah, blah, blah! Ain’t I Right?  You all will agree to it! I agree being a Shopaholic 🛍 might also be an illness but sometimes when you start earning you aren’t accountable to anyone for your expenses, you tend to spend extra carefreely… Nevertheless, Money is an important…