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Autoimmunity & diet Celiac Gastroparesis immunity and me Life lupus

Fizul kharchi aka Extravagance

Well, though it’s out of box topic I wanted to write on it … 😊✒️✏️ I remember, that as kids parents & teachers always told us not to do any unnecessary expenses, aka fizul kharchi. I always get to hear back than , “don’t waste money”, “don’t buy this it’s not needed”, “you don’t value […]

Autoimmunity & diet Celiac Gastroparesis gluten Free immunity and me lupus

Finding Happiness is Easy!

This article is not something that only those who suffer from chronic Illness should be looking at , rather everyone who wants to live a happy life should go through it! So, What is happiness? Now, what is happiness for you? Think!There is a difference … We all have our own parameters to define happiness […]

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