Traveling with Autoimmunity

Whether are you going out for a movie,or  for going out for dinner it is very important to watch out about whatever you put in your mouth. Diet plays a very important role when it comes to eating. Most of the autoimmune patients are gluten free and half of them are vegan. If you are planning going out of town, you need to make sure you carry your food with you.

I have got celiac, lupus & gastroparesis. HAVING gastroparesis makes it even harder as I am already gluten free, plus due to gastroparesis I barely eat solids and

I am writing✍ this post today because at times when you are in a new city it is difficult to know about places where something 100% gluten free. I usually try and carry a banana, a box of salted puffed rice with hint of turmeric, and some Jello, a smoothie or juice with me to keep myself fueled up in my bag when I travel anywhere.

Well here in Ahmedabad 110 miles away from my hometown Vadodara where I am for a day’s trip (just 🌝morning to eve🌛), I came to a tea speciality cafe🍵 and ordered some nice ice tea with lemon and mint in the morning.( keeps my stomach cool). For lunch I am going to visit a speciality restaurant where they have some delicious gluten free options that are gastroparesis friendly as well. I would be back home by night. 😃

( I will post all food pics on Instagram, follow me there 😉 )

“ So next time don’t be scared to go out for a day’s trip, if you are new to the city and unaware about where you can get your gluten free / vegan food, still if you carry food that suits you in your bag and if you get something fresh there it’s best!”

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