Tweaks for staying motivated while you work from home

I have worked from home for the last 3 years and I have adapted to it. 

However, it’s not what the world is used to doing and this blog is for everyone who wants to work from home as a preferred choice of working or those who have landed in this situation due to covid-19.

Amidst the hustle and bustle of life, suddenly everything came to a pause as the pandemic has arrived! 

Every possible Company is asking employees to Work From Home due to the lockdown and companies which are operating  are working from home and coordinating.

When I talk of work from home, it’s very difficult to stay motivated to work while the family is around. I mean I understand kids playing around, spouses asking for something or the other from one another, Television and chattering noise in the background!

Man! How can I work here?

 Ain’t that what you think in the first place!

Here’s some tweaks that will surely keep you motivated while you work from home during this Pandemic or otherwise.

I lose focus a lot, so I have sticky notes from the To-Do list &  my vision board stuck around my work station. So as to remember that I have to complete my task…
if I want to achieve my goals/dreams in life! It’s a fun way to stay motivated… Once one task is complete, mark it done and if you end up completing every task, that’s awesome! 
Remember, the tree that’s flexible and moves in the wind direction survives the storm. Adapt to the situation rather than cribbing on it will make life easier… Trust Me!  Treat yourself with a chocolate or cake or rasgulla, when you achieve your tasks and complete them! It will keep you motivated to achieve your goals.
Tip1: Stay focused and have your To-Do list ready in front of you!

Yes! Set a place in the house and work from there only. Never work sitting on a couch, laying on bed or sofa, it won’t work. You need to have that feel of office to give your best output. Sit on a chair and table, choose a corner where you will be least disturbed and can work peacefully! 
Tip2: Work from a fixed place!

It is very important that you plan your day, in general when I work from home it’s something I plan around hubby’s timing and those of you are doing it only for the quarantine phase, plan your day accordingly. Make sure you have lunch time with family, have play time for pets or kids, if you have! So take a break after 2 hours to yield the best results! Don’t over expect or overdo things while working from home!
Tip3: Plan your day & Keep things realistic!

For those who want to work from home as a choice always, & even those who are stuck at home in quarantine, remember to indulge in some fun activities like sketching/ painting, cooking/ baking or playing sport or just going for a walk or cafe to grab a coffee, Remember, human interaction is very important while working from home! 
Tip4: Rejuvenation is important!

*Please don’t go out in the quarantine or lockdown phase!

And for now when the world seems screwed up, don’t stress, avoid depression, or anxiety which is normal with the fear that the pandemic has caused!

Just Netflix and chill!

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