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Wedding Chura & Me!

It was last year when wedding bells rang for me! 

Oh!  I recall the search for the perfect Chura that I was supposed to wear from wedding till the time I wanted to. Chura is a set of red bangles with few white bangles. Typically, Odd number of bangles, a set of 43, 21, 11,9, 7 or 5 bangles to be worn in each hand. It can be worn for 3 days, 7 or 21 days or 40 days to a complete year! 

It is said to be a good luck charm  plus it becomes easily guessable that the girl Is newly married. 👰

Oh Gosh, I was getting married,👰 I never thought I would get a man who would marry a patient.  I Or my mother in law decides the number of days you need to wear the Chura. As once worn it can’t be removed until the day committed. In my case, we don’t have our parents so we did it all ourselves. 

Well,  I am a Gujarati and we don’t have Chura in our tradition,  however, Am married to a north Indian which gave me the opportunity to wear Chura. 

Imagine a monkey getting  Dozen of bananas to Hog on, that was the level of happiness I felt! Yuppie! ☺️

One thing I was clear about was that being an autoimmune patient, having all the sensitivities that I have, I needed a Chura I would love to wear for a good period of time. It had to be beautiful at the same time it had to be something I can manage. 

As I needed to not remove it while bathing, at work or while sleeping… 

You know what I mean! 

Can’t wear a Chura I am not comfortable with. Right?

Saw many different options at local shops as well as online stores. Finally, I selected a 43 Bangles Chura from an online store to wear at my wedding in morning! 

Wedding Chura
My Wedding Chura

It was freaking expensive…

Nevertheless, It felt surreal! It really is! It was worth every penny. 

It was Popping red bangles with 2 white bangles on each side with one American Diamond studded bangle to go on each hand!

It sparkled in light!

The minute I wore it I felt like a bride! It bought a glow on my face!

I reduce it to half, 21 Bangles in each hand, in the evening to wear for the next one year.  

Yes! One complete year! ☺️

I wore it and felt happy everyday, Tadda!

However, there were days I wasn’t well & suffered with discomfort & pain caused my Lupus or Gastroparesis, those days I did feel bit uncomfortable with the weight or the sound of the chura, but it was not enough overpowering that I would remove it before an year!

Rather I enjoyed the normal girl’s troubles, hahaha, Yes! feeling normal or indifferent is rare in my case! And I must admit it was sheer fun!

Every festival this year was special now, as I had my pictures with Chura in my hand which reminded me of being a newly wed bride! Every festival was so special this year… 

Nevertheless, I was very skeptical of being able to wear it for a complete year! As an autoimmune patient, I meant. You never know when you need to get an MRI or an X-ray done, Incase I had too, then I would be compelled to remove the chura! 

No MRI or nor any X-ray done in 2019…☺️☺️

Phew! It was such a relief that I didn’t have to remove it all year round! 

Blessed I felt, for sure…☺️

my wedding day
my wedding day

I got Married on December, 10, 2018, so I had to remove the Chura this year on the same day. As December started I got anxious as the day on Chura Vadana ( removal of Chura) was nearing and  was excited at the same time as it was my 1st anniversary around the corner!☺️

So, on the day of my anniversary I had to remove the chura, which my hubby did. I had a smile on my face and tears in my eyes as he slowly took the bangles off my wrist!☺️

Finally, my honeymoon period seems to be over!🤔

And here I am without the chura in my hands for almost over a week now🙄. My hands do feel empty at times and free the other times. Mixed feelings I suppose, will stay back for sometime. 😏

I had the best experience wearing it, abiding to age old tradition & it felt so, which leads me to write to this blog. ✍️

In this modern day life, girls need to Cherish these customs, it brings joy to my heart &  it will definitely bring joy to every new bride👰. 

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